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Drake Downs (downd)
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Posted: April 21, 2020
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Customizing Bulk Actions to restrict transfer options.

I'm searching for a way to customize the OOTB Bulk Actions tool in the manager portal.  The client's requirement is for the manager to be able to bulk transfer assignments to members in their work group from their Worklist or their Workqueues.  The OOTB Bulk Actions tool supports this, but the filters for building the report that brings back the cases to select gives way too many options.  My current configuration is to configure a radio button set that the user selects (Worklist or Workqueue) which will then refresh the section, run a data transform to setup the clipboard page to what is needed (this sets the filter properties and values of the report), and then run the activity which runs the report.  The problem that I am running into is that when the section is refreshed, the filter value properties that are set in the data transform are overridden to the default values.  This is the OOTB Bulk Actions tool in the manager portal, select the Process radio button, and the table loads with these default values.  In the attached picture, the values are "Assigned to Operator" and "Drake Downs".  Is there any way to disable the default values of the report?

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