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Sudesh Kothare (SudeshK0)

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Posted: June 21, 2016
Last activity: July 5, 2016

Data-Broadcast functionality and underlying DB query how to suppress/ remove it

We have implemented 2 REST Services in our App which are secured by Custom Authentication.

As part of Service Authentication, we are using most of the OOTB Activities and configurations from the Product. During Authentication and Establishing the Requestor for service execution, somewhere in the Product code, there is a call to the Data-Broadcast rule it seems. Now this call makes sense for a User Login where a User Portal is displayed but not for Service Authentication and Run.

How do we suppress or remove this Broadcast functionality so that Service execution does not make that call.What part of the OOTB code needs to be edited/customized to eliminate this DB query?

While researching this further, I found out another query that is fired internally as part of Authentication & Requestor establishing. Given below. SO the question is how do I suppress or eliminate both of these DB queries that are part of the OOTB Product configuration.

select * from PEGA_RULES_DEV.pr_Data_Admin where pzInsKey = 'DATA-ADMIN-WORKGROUP DEFAULT@FTB';

Data Integration System Administration Security
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