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Posted: June 20, 2018
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Data only upgrade(bat scripts) hangs for long time without any error

AS a part of upgrade process from 7.1.9 to 7.3.1 while running the bat scripts for data only upgrade

the scripts got hanged at a particular point saying Production Level: 2 URL: [unable to determine]

we are doing this in Test environment, Is this expected (is the file run complete)?

Please share your knowledge on the above if anyone has faced similar issue during the upgrade.

last entry in LOGS

PegaRULES engine successfully started. TimeZone: Europe/Paris AESPerfStatMode:
PUSH Server: WDU8L0000549 System: prpc Description: de424434c864a2e6078cb260f905
2e51 Production Level : 2 URL: [unable to determine]
[java] 2018-06-20 16:49:45,776 [ WDU8L0000549] [ STANDARD] [
] [ ] ( internal.mgmt.EngineImpl) INFO -
Embedded Environment initialization is complete.
[java] 2018-06-20 16:55:55,600 [ WDU8L0000549] [ STANDARD] [
] [ ] (dbms.JdbcConnectionManagerImpl) INFO -
Initializing connections for externalmktdata: 0 regular connections, 0 reserved

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