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Rasit Elbek (RasitE75)
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Posted: August 14, 2020
Last activity: August 31, 2020

Data Page Activity not called after migration


currently we test whether we can upgrade from Pega 7.1.9 to 8.3 and ran into the following issue:

In our application we run an activity step which iterates over a page list. This pagelist property refers to a data page, and the data page gets it´s data sourced from an activity. This means that the mentioned pagelist property is only populated in case it can get / create its data by the mentioned data page activity. If not as you probably know the activity step is skipped since the property is not existing. 


In 7.1.9 it works perfectly fine, we populate the data by using the mentioned data page (activity). In 8.3 somehow it doesn´t work for some pagelist propertys (we use different pagelists), for others it does work with the very same data page reference.


I traced it thoroughly and yet couldnt figure out why this is happening, also traced Pega engine rulesets. Here I realized that sometimes Pega checks for a specific Data-Admin-System-Settings instance with the following message : "Looking for instance Data-Admin-System-Settings DATA-ADMIN-SYSTEM-SETTINGS PEGA-ENGINE!DATAPAGE/NEWGENPAGES in the Instance cache " (Cache Hit not found). Maybe there is even no connection to my issue and this setting, however this is one difference I spotted when comparing my 7.1.9 vs 8.3 trace. 


Are there any known issue with data pages after migrating? I did some rule revalidation for activities and data pages as well, didn´t help. Restarting the server also didn´t help ;-)


Many thanks in advance, any help would be highly appreciated.




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