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Su Zhu (ChensuZ5)
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Posted: January 18, 2021
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Data Page Scope Example

Can anyone please give me a specific example/scenario for each scope (thread, requestor, and node)?

1. Please use your own words instead of copying and paste things like this (the following information can be found easily. If it answers my question, I wouldn't even post here. There are few and limited resources out there for Pega, Pega team really need to expand the community/collaboration board by giving some real answers using own words, or at least try to explain things in different ways).

Node Level:  If we specify a page in node level, then it can be accessed by all the requestors in the particular node. Requestor Level: If we specify a page in Requester level, then it can be accessed by all the threads opened by the requestor. Thread Level: If we specify a page in Thread level, then it can be accessed only by that particular thread


2. Please do not just give me a link due to the same reason -- if I could find the answer by myself, I wouldn't have asked here. I have already read the following post, so please please please do NOT post a link and say "this link will help with your question" (No! they won't help!). If you find a resource that's really helpful, at least add some of your own words regarding my question, please. 

The resources I already found:


3. so far I can think of some examples for Node.

e.g. fetch exchange rates from a web service and make them available in the application using a data page. 

e.g. an online application needs to display all available items for users to view and purchase. In that case, we will use Node scope for the data page that contains all the items. 


Back to the question, what would be a good real-life example to illustrate Thread and Requestor?


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