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Priyankar Ghosh (PriyankarG)
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Posted: February 19, 2021
Last activity: February 25, 2021

Data Page Specialization

I have sourced my framework application with many data types which are holding some sets of data. And I have the page or pagelist property defined on the work class pointing to the respective data class which are sourced from respective data pages. 

Now my implementation data classes inheriting from respective data class contains different sets of data. And now if I don't specialize the data pages my properties are going to get data from FW layer which is incorrect. And If I specialize the data page then Pega giving me red warning saying data page with the same name exist. 

So what is the best solution to specialize the data page without that red warning? And why pega giving that warning as I am only specializing it and I know why I am specializing it as I want to run the data page in their application context.

If anyone have any idea please let me know.

Thank you

Pega Platform 8.2.6 Case Management Lead System Architect