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Data recovery / Data reconstruction possibilities after a Drop table event

This is more of a hail-mary post/question. There has been a scenario at a client where a PegaData table (Work table that holds the case data) was accidentally dropped. As a result, the data within the table (case data) is lost.

There are 2 questions I have about what has happened.

1) I checked the corresponding History_<Work> table and since this table wasn't affected, there are references to the cases that were lost. I am sure there are other tables that will have references to the "lost cases". Are there any known implications/causes of worry of having these "orphaned" references/rows in these other tables?

2) Is there any way to try to reconstruct the case data that was lost? I am almost 100% sure there is no way to reconstruct something like the blob information in each case row (I would love to be proven wrong); but wanted to reach out if anyone had encountered a similar situation and had recovered/reconstructed case information.


  1. There is no backup of the table available.
  2. Most of these are Resolved cases. So recreating the cases freshly and going through the workflow again isn't an option at the moment.

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