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Data type of CustomerID cannot be changed in Pega Marketing 7.13

Pega Marketing: 7.13
Pega: 7.2

This is an enhancement request directly from a customer. Customer is not satisfied with Pega Marketing's unique identifier property, CustomerID. Unique identifier's data type is varchar and it cannot be changed. Customer is requesting this value to be customizable as well. In their environment, in Oracle, data type of customer identifier is numeric and they would like to use the same column as is. Product management advised ( CustomerID to be used as is, text value.

HFix-26452 already applied and Pega property CustomerID is mapped to customer's numeric unique identifier. It seems to be working. However, such an implementation may have an adverse impact. In other words, we are not fully aware of the downsides of such an implementation since it has never been tested.

Briefly, customer would like to be able to customize the data type of Pega Marketing customer unique identifier, CustomerID.

p.s. Pega Marketing doesn't exist in the Product Topic Category.


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