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Mariane Ammar (MarianeA)

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Posted: June 13, 2016
Last activity: August 29, 2016

Database Table Class Mapping does not map properties with different ruleset + not saving the changes


I already have a Database Table Class Mapping configured on a specific Ruleset Version (e.g. 01) that maps the columns of a table to properties that are on the same RuleSet Version 01.

I recently updated the database table (I added an additional column) and I also created a new property in order to map the newly added column to it. Note that property is on a more recent RuleSet Version (e.g. 13)

When I edit the Database Table Class Mapping, I can see the new Column Name of the database table and I can mark it for 'Map' to the newly created property (on Ruleset Version 13)..

I can aslo edit the RuleSet Version to the latest version (e.g. 13). After those changes, I click on Save.

When I click on Edit again, I notice that my changes were not saved.

Noe that when I use that property in my activity, I get the following error:

"PropertyNamexxxx" exists, but may not be used by this rule due to the ruleset’s validation mode and/or your current application context. (found property xxxx in xxxx:13)
** PropertyDefNotFound xxxx

How come my changes in the Edit Database Class Mapping are not saved and my newly created column is not getting mapped?

Can I not map to properties from a more recent Ruleset Version ? If no, Can't I change the RuleSet Version ?

Thank you in advance for your help,


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