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Posted: January 6, 2021
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Posted: 6 Jan 2021 8:28 EST
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Dataflow background processing read retries repeatedly and never succeeds with no exceptions

We are running a dataflow in background processing mode. It's successful for all the partitions but a few get stuck up in retry. The thing is connectivity to the dataset is quite good and bandwidth is also good. But only for a few segments, it keeps on trying again in the even lifecycle it shows it as successful (browse retry successful) but never completes (tries again) and this just goes on in a loop until I stop the process manually. 

The irony is the run does not throw any exceptions in the logs or there are no failed records as well. Has anyone encountered issues like this? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. 


Messages in the life cycle report:

1. "Could not perform database dataset operation"

2. "Browse retry successful" 


The above two just keep going on throughout for what I can say are hung partitions. 

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