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Imranullah DawoodBasha (imranullah)
Coforge DPA
Imranullah Mohammed DawoodBasha
Coforge DPA
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Coforge DPA
Posted: March 20, 2021
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Dataflow with specific dataflow case id fails always

We are making use of DataFlow-Execute method with run options configured to create a Batch processing dataflow with a specific work object id. 

So during our runs, one time there was an infrastructure issue with the dataflow nodes and one particular run through DataFlow-Execute failed it happened some time ago.

Till today the Run events are being generated with a stop, so now when our execution starts we get an event of stop and the dataflow fails to initialize. And this is causing issues for us for that specific ID. We have a workaround by making use of a different id for the failed run. But the ideal solution for us would be to find a way to clear out all the old events which are propagating message to stop so that new run doesn't fail. 

Has anyone come across the same scenario? Any inputs would be highly appreciated. Thanks! 


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