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Posted: December 19, 2019
Last activity: December 20, 2019

datapages/mrucapacity - Maximum number of D pages

Below statement is from a PDN article Link here

By default, the Pega 7 Platform can maintain 1000 read-only unique instances of a data page per thread. You can change this value by editing the dynamic system setting datapages/mrucapacity. There are different data page instance containers for the thread, requestor, and node level. Each user can have both requestor-level and thread-level data pages up to the limit established. Additionally, each node can have any number of requestors, and each requestor can have many threads

A thread can have a limit of 1000 D Pages, there is no limit mentioned for Requestor and Node, does it mean that a node/requestor level D page will be copied to every thread that calls it or will it be kept in a common place and all threads refer from it.

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