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Posted: September 3, 2018
Last activity: September 11, 2018

Date or DateTime for SLA processing


I am creating a master data in Data class where customer would populate "ApprovalGoalDate" by when approver needs to complete their approval task. For example, if manager enters "9/1/2018" for ApprovalGoalDate, and when case is created, system will go get this ApprovalGoalDate value from database and set "9/1/2018" as pySLAGoal OOTB property by itself. So basically I think I will need to create an SLA rule using this ApprovalGoalDate. Question is, should I create this ApprovalGoalDate property by Date or DateTime? Customer's requirement is Date only, as they don't care much about exact time. However, my concern is if Pega can handle SLA processing better with DateTime than Date. If that is the case, maybe it is better creating the property by DateTime and populate 0:00:00 for time part? I guess I can build the property by either way but I want to know which is standard in above use case and is there any best practice.

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