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Tobias Riedel (TobiasR2196)
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W & W Informatik GmbH
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W & W Informatik GmbH
Posted: March 6, 2020
Last activity: March 9, 2020

Date Picker parsing Error


i am facing an issue regarding the DateTime Control pxDateTime when being used with a Date Property.

Due to my requirements I have to allow text entry on said DateTime Control. If the user types in a non-date value (a random string for instance) Pega displays a validation message right below the Date Control.  In case the user ignores said message and continues to finish the assignment pega crashes and displays:

"A processing error has occurred  Object Key .inshandle The first date test could not be parsed Stack Trace"

My current approach is to use a text type property on DateTime Control and eventually map its value to a Date Property for further processing. My solution works but requires me to use two properties for one date value. Are there any solutions for using a Date Property on Datepicker Control that allow user entries?

Thanks in advance



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