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Date Time Conversion


I have to convert "2020-08-19 03:14:58 EDT" to "yyyyMMDD'T'HHmmss" + 000 EDT format.

For this I tried using functions:

@ConvertDateFormat(.ScanDate,"yyyy-MM-DD hh:mm:ss","yyyyMMDD'T'hhmmss") + ".000 EDT"

where ScanDate is the input format i.e., "2020-08-19 03:14:58 EDT"

So the output after using this function is "20200119T031458.000 EDT" . The problem with this function is that it converts month to Jaunary

So after this i tried function

@DateTime.FormatDateTime(.ScanDate,"yyyyMMDD'T'HHmmss","","") + ".000 EDT"

This function returns NULL.

Please help in figure out how to convert in the above format

Thanks for your help.


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