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DateTime Format in GMT is Incorrect after upgrade

Below are the steps to reproduce the mentioned issue.

  1. A "DateConvert" activity which will accept 3 Input parameters Year,Day,Month of String data type
  2. Also create parameters LDate of Date type and Returned Date of type Date Time data type.
  3. Using @Date function we are determining LDate value in Date format. E.G. 20170101
  4. Now do a property set of LDate value to ReturnedDate.
  5. Our expectation is the value of ReturnedDate parameter should hold time zone specific date time value in equivalent GMT format. This behavior was working in Pega version 6 and not in Version 7.
  6. Please note that the current operator is mapped with America/New_York time zone and calendar is US Default.

Can anyone suggest how to overcome this problem

Thanks in Advance

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