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Posted: June 15, 2016
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DB Bytes Read (PEGA 0004) Critical Alert --------> 7.1.8

Pega0004 critical Alerts are coming in alert logs.

Description:The number of database bytes input for this interaction has exceeded the WARNING level for Requestor HB7158403A32F62A44E021BE0047462E0, operator cjyothi Maximum bytes: 5000000 Actual bytes: 5556815

Pega Stack:

>> Property-Set;RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY WORK- GETATTACHMENTREFERENCE #20150806T173755.381 GMT Step: 10 Circum: 0;doActivity Rule-Obj-Activity:GetAttachmentReference;initial Executable;0 additional frames in stack;

>> Obj-Open-By-Handle;RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY WORK- OPEN #20150306T061357.865 GMT Step: 7 Circum: 0;doActivity Rule-Obj-Activity:Open;java;RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY @BASECLASS DOUIACTION #20150515T115751.633 GMT Step: 24 Circum: 0;2 additional frames in stack;

>>Looks like first stack trace was occurred due to the utility function(  @pxHaveAttachmentSpecificAccess(myStepPage, "pyAllowViewAll")  ) is being invoked at step#10  of GetAttachmentReference activity,

   I see the PDN has suggested a local change to resolve this issue on ( , and it's for 6.2 version but Is the issue still persist on 7.1.8 version too?

>> Second stack trace was occurred while reading BLOB column of a object in a single interaction,which has more than 50 MB . Is it suggestible to increase value of below env variable ? if yes then what would be the feasible value to set up?

           alerts/database/interactionByteThreshold/warnMB  (Default 50 MB).

Any suggestion are appreciated .

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