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Posted: July 7, 2017
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DB Datatype to be casted with Pega's Property.

Hi, I have a requirement to filter a property, which has different DataType at DB level and Pega.

A property named PurchaseDate is created with DateTime. so inDB it is saved as TimeStamp.

Presently, this was made as withdrawn and re-saved with Date Type. now in the Application, no errors were found.

but, during reporting when used with a report-definition. i am able to fetch the PurchaseDate as TimeStamp eg: 201707T000000.00 GMT

when i filter using a report browser, the value is taken as date rather than datetime. so it was returning an error:

** An error occured on executing the query for the report definition - Class is mapped to table (removed the table name) in database pegadata , which has column of unsupported type Date : code: <none> SQLState: <none> Message: <none>

I tried using toDay function alias. but no luck.

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