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DCO Session evolutions

Hello Folks,

We all know about the DCO and its best practice to solve major requirement management problems w.r.t different methodologies. But if someone want to see about evolution of same from 6.2 sp2 till today what will be correct sources/post/articles to get that. It can help in 2 aspects :

1. How it has fastly incorporated the changes and shift in industry standards ? which can help us to understand the reason behind doing it in differently over period of time.

2. And upto what extend the industry is using it via SCRUM or Pega-BPM with some white paper or example for a DCO session (Review-> Elaborate -> Playback) ? Which can help us to correct our-self and following it until the better outcome than normal Requirement gathering tool/software.

Hope it make sense, any help on this appreciated to close the gap between theory or real implementation.



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