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Debuggin QueueBatchActivity()


We are trying to implement the new Bulk-uploading process using queuebatchactivity() to spawn multiple requestors. I want to understand some basic things related to child-requestor, I didn't find good documentation on how we can accomplish them; hence posting here. Any help or approach will be appreciated.

Below are the things I want to understand:

1. How we can debug the child-requestor(s) spawned from queueBatchActivity(). Is it from SMA, I have tried, but in my case, I am unable to see the new requestor in "REQUESTOR MANAGEMENT".

2. Is logging from new child-requestor(s) doesn't log anything in PEGA-LOG(s). I tried doing this using oLog.error() in new PRRequestor, but unable to see any in LOGS. Am I missing something?
3. I think the max limit for child-requestor(s) from a browser requestor is 10. After that it skips requestors instead of queuing them. Am I right? Any approach how we can handle this.

Thanks in advance!

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