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Debugging js rules in a multi-tenant environment (PEGA 7.2.2)

Is it allowed to private check-out and debug Pega OOTB js files from tenant layer?

To debug some application specific bugs related to opening assignments, we did private check-out of pega_desktop_api, pega_desktop_support and pzPega_ui_dynamiccontainer js rules and added some debug statements without making any code changes.

We could debug with these changes for couple of hours and after that it suddenly blocked us logging into the designer studio. Entire team couldn't login not just the private checked-out operator.

We could login to the system only after deleting those private checked-out rules (deleted checked-out rules directly from database because we didn't have access to designer studio). Not sure which one of those javascript file actually caused the issue.

We noticed, OOTB table pr_sysgen_static_content table is not tenantized. Does it have any relation to this defect?

Private check-out of few Pega js rules and adding just some debug statements in tenant layer caused a login issue for all operators. What would be the reason for this issue?

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