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Joydeep Das (JoydeepD6451)

JoydeepD6451 Member since 2019 4 posts
Posted: January 5, 2020
Last activity: March 18, 2020

Debugging queue processors

HI all, I am writing this post to understand more about debugging queue processing. I have a queue processor which is fed regularly by a job scheduler. When I see the queue processors landing page on the admin studio, I find that the number of queue items (Ready, Failed and processed) shown. I have few questions related to my implementation and queue processors in general. 1. When I trace it I don't see the next queue item being traced. I have to freshly queue an item from my user session. My operator ID and ASYNC requestor share the same access group, so not sure what is that I am missing here additionally. 2. When I open the data flow instance, I see that there are warnings shown stating stale threads are found. What needs to be done about this? (I don't see any where this is documented, please advise!) 3.When I am trying to stop the queue processor from the admin studio, I get the following error. "Queue processor, <>couldn't reach a stable state. Please check after some time.". Why is this being caused? what are the things I need to check? 4. How can I delete the items that are queued for a queue processor? 5. How can I see how many concurrent processes are running on the cluster? The statistics provided on the dataflow does not indicate this info. Also I don't see any documentation which talks about what does the details that are shown in the dataflow. (I have provided 4 threads on my Queue processor). We are on PEGA 8.2.1 version using PEGA cloud instance.

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