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Decimal property value is getting changed for only 1 user

We have put a condition in strategy like @If(@Math.equals(.PrecioInt,7990),@if(Customer.PromedioRecarga90d>=7500,true,@if(Customer.PromedioRecarga90d>.PrecioInt,true,false)),false) to calculate the offer eligibility for the customer. This expression we are tryting to test in function builder by putting some decimal value for the properties like 7500.00, 3400.50. For all of us in our team , it's working fine,only for one user the '.' is getting changed to ',' automatically by Pega and after that transforming the value to 750000 by omitting the ','.Only for one user it's happening. As I know is pega never allows to put ',' manually also for any decimal type property. I found it very strange. It will be helpful if anyone can tell why this's happening and how we can resolve this for that developer. We work in South American location. Let me know in case of any additional information required to solve this.Thanks In Advance.

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