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Grant Thompson (grant@VA)
Favor TechConsulting LLC
Grant Thompson
Favor TechConsulting LLC
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Favor TechConsulting LLC
Posted: June 28, 2020
Last activity: June 29, 2020

Decimal validation causing "Component stack mismatch" error on 'Back' button

On a user form in a flow action, we've got an input field associated with a property of decimal data type. If user enters characters that fail the edit validation (e.g., "123@"), then click the 'Back' button, the screen flow is disrupted with the following error:


Section 'Perform' execution error on page 'pyWorkPage' of class 'VAFS-FPS-PAT-Work-Adjustment'. : Component stack mismatch {"pyName":"LayoutGroup"}!!!!===={"scrollClass":"","centerInspectorData":"data-ui-meta=\"{'type':'Panel','subType':'CENTER'}\"","ariaLabelCenterPanel":"Center Panel","startWrapperDiv":"true","endWrapperDiv":"false","pyName":"pxWorkAreaContent","pyTemplates":[{"pxReferencedId":"5d0dbd5a55a4ee2cc3138ecc18aaace81626ea61_6","pyName":"pxSection"}]}


Also, see attached screenshot of error.

This issue seems specific to the decimal validation, because if I change the property to one with integer data type, no such error is encountered.

Thanks a lot to anyone who spends time on this!!!

Pega Platform 8.2.3 Case Management Government System Architect