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Posted: October 6, 2020
Last activity: October 15, 2020

Decision table - How can I find which row(s) are hit for a given condition

I have a Decision table and would like to find which row(s) are hit for a given condition.

Say I have 5 rows in the table with 3 input conditions, I want to know which rows are hit so I know how to add more conditions or fine tune the conditions.



Input 1 | Input 2 | Input 3 |Return

Apple | Red | 10 | Available

Apple | Black| 10 | Available

Apple | Pink| 10 | Available

Otherwise | NA


So if I pass Apple | Green | 10, then it will go to the otherwise condition and return the NA but I would like to know the first 3 rows was hit but not matching with input so I can add the "Green" apple condition.


Let me know if there is a way to find this information.


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