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Declare Expression stopped working after R-A-P import


Yesterday we imported a R-A-P into another environment and Declare Expression stopped working right after the import. We don't know why this happened, but we restored the database back to original state and re-imported the same R-A-P and the issue disappeared (Declare Expression started to work).

Usually, in our migration process, we import R-A-P, stop the app server, delete the Marker file, and then start the app server. After the app server gets up and running, we log in to Designer Studio to run the "Static Assembler" tool so PRPC pre-assembles all the developed new rule instances to improve the performance. However yesterday, we closed the Designer Studio window before the Rule Assembly completes by mistake. I do not believe just closing browser would stop the Rule Assembly process because this is happening at the server side. Anyways, this Declare Expression not working issue is very critical and we want to avoid it in production environment in the future, so here are my questions.

1. Could this Declare Expression stopped working issue possibly have anything to do with closing browser while Static Assembler was running? Or this assumption does not make sense and it should come from something else.

2. We delete Marker file every time we import a R-A-P and I believe this will clear all cache and Rule Assembly is required since then. To prevent from business users experiencing FUA, we run this Static Assembler tool but is this a standard practice in production environment? Is Static Assembler recommended after R-A-P import or not recommended for any reasons?


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