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Declare Expressions not working consistently between environments

Using PRPC v. 6.3sp1

We have encountered instances where an RDE works fine in development environment, but not necessarily when it is migrated to integration or user testing. I've seen several posts concerning different techniques to resolve this and similar issues, but none containing a consistent process.

After we deploy a product file, we always bring down the app server, delete the extract marker file, and restart the app server. Are there other steps we should be taking after deploying a product file to a new environment to insure RDEs fire correctly?

The screen shots show an RDE we have for LastName. The first is the original version, which worked in development and integration. The second is a minor change to the rule, which works all the time in development, but returns nothing but an empty value for LastName in integration. All data is present for the when condition and the LastName itself in both environments. In both rules, change tracking is 'whenever inputs change' and context is 'only when top-level page is of the applies-to class'. Both rules are in the same class and in the same ruleset, though the newer one is in a higher version, of course.

I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

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