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Yasantha Chamara Paranamanna (Yasantha)
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Posted: February 17, 2017
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Declare index not firing on commit


I have this requirement to add an index instance to a database table using an OTA. Main point of this index record is to track the current stage of a work object and some other required values.

Following are the points.

  • I have a declare trigger(A) track the work object's current stage.
  • So when the stage changes, the trigger(A) will call and execute an activity(B).
  • Also I have a declare index rule which is mapped into a page group property & I'm populating the page group property values using a data transform(C) and calling it inside the triggering activity(B).
  • In the normal path when a work object is changing through stages, this logic works fine.
  • But for some previous work objects which were created before this trigger, I need to run an one time activity and add this index instance manually.

The logic inside my OTA is as following.

  • Open the work objects.
  • Run the data transform to create and populate the page group property which is linked to the declare index.
  • Call commit with error handling on work object.


  • In the clipboard, I see the populated page group property inside every work object.
  • But when I query the database table, there're no index records for the work objects.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, since this is a declarative rule shouldn't it call whenever I commit my work object with the linked property to execute the trigger? Am I missing something here? Appreciate if anyone could provide an immediate answer.

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