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Posted: April 25, 2019
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Declare Index of property in pagelist within pagelist

I have a pagelist property "a" in my work class.

"a" consists of pages of class "A".

Within class "A" is pagelist "b" of class "B" and an integer property called "i"

Inside class "B" is a text property "y".

I optimize property "y" which causes a declare index. Thats fine but the declare index records refer back to the work object (via handle) not the specific page in pagelist "a". How can I indicate in the records in the index class which page of pagelist "a" it belongs to? In the declare index rule can I map PARENT.i to some property in class B so that I will be able to know which page in "a" property "y" belongs to?

Or is there some other way I can indicate this relationship?

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