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Declare OnChange

We have a decision rule type 'Declare OnChange' to watch property .pyStatusWork

This rule calls an activity to write to log file whenever the work status change from/to 'Complete' (for example 'In Progress to Complete' or 'Complete to In Progress').

We enabled this logging so as to debug why in some instances a case does not end up in Complete status.

We found few cases where the work and history (audit) tables do not show that the work object has moved to Complete, even though the above logging says it did. How is this possible?

When does Declare OnChange fire? Is it after the change or before the change of the watched property?

Is it possible that it fired for 'In Progress' to 'Complete' change but the change wasn't successfull and reverted? Where to find these details (can't find any error and audit doesn't show these)


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