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Srinivas Yelamanchili (yelas1)
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Posted: October 28, 2016
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Declare Trigger - Committed Save - firing before commit?

We have a process when a work object is 'Committed Save', we run an activity to pick this object and put in a queue and another activity will read this object (without lock) and push (copy) to a reporting env.

This works good in most cases. In some cases however the object is 'not found'.

How is this possible? We would expect that the 'Committed Save' trigger would fire when the actual commit has occurred, so how can this work object not be found?

Declare Trigger 'CreateHMReportQueue' is triggered when an instance is 'Committed Save' and triggers activity 'CreateHMReportQueue' with Execute 'Immediately'
Activity CreateHMReportQueue puts this work object in a queue.
Activity ProcessHMReportQueue reads the work object (without lock) from queue, and this when it sometimes fails to open with error 'Database-Instance-NotFound'

2016-10-28 06:36:13,989 [http-/] [ STANDARD] (FW_HMFW_Work.Action) INFO - PEGA_OUTPUT activity CreateHMReportQueue, adding to Queue work object WRD-CTSC-HM-WORK CS-1554 (pxRequestor=Kommareddy,Hareesha)
2016-10-28 06:36:14,042 [ PegaRULES-Batch-2] [ STANDARD] (FW_HMFW_Work.Action) INFO - PEGA_OUTPUT Activity ProcessHMReportQueue, about to open without acquiring lock the work object WRD-CTSC-HM-WORK CS-1554 (pxRequestor=Agent(System-Queue-DefaultEntry.ProcessHMReportQueues2))
2016-10-28 06:36:14,048 [ PegaRULES-Batch-2] [ STANDARD] (FW_HMFW_Work.Action) INFO - PEGA_OUTPUT activity ProcessHMReportQueue, unable to open work object WRD-CTSC-HM-WORK CS-1554, getMessagesAll: , pxMethodStatus: Fail: Database-Instance-NotFound WRD-CTSC-HM-WORK CS-1554

Is there a possibility that 'Committed Save' trigger fired before the actual database commit?

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