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Anton Shlyapugin (AntonS39)
Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii

Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
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Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
Posted: July 27, 2020
Last activity: July 27, 2020

Declare triggers


I met the following problem:

We have Data class Company-Data-MainProduct (I`ll call instance of that class as MainData next)

This class non abstract and has property Collateral of type PageList and has class Company-Data-Collateral (with parent class Company-Data-MainProduct)

Class Company-Data-Collateral abstract (we have only 1 table on our Data Model)

We also have (also abstract) class Company-Data-Pledge.

I want to use declare trigger, when MainData saved AND property MainData.Collateral(1).someProperty will change


MainData.Collateral(1) of class Company-Data-Pledge

Class Company-Data-Collateral doesn`t have property .someProperty, but class Company-Data-Pledge has this property.

Pega doesn`t allow add ".Collateral()" on pages and classes. It shows error

error due saving 2

Btw, due to our policy with Data- model I can`t add .someProperty in class Company-Data-Collateral

I also can`t create declare index in class Company-Data-Pledge, because Company-Data-Pledge is an abstract class (I also can`t create it concrete due to our policy) and since it is abstract, I can`t save instance of this class (and hence declare trigger won`t work)

I can create declare onChange instance in class Company-Data-Pledge on property .someProperty, but it will work every time property will change, but sometimes we rollback our transaction, so it may allow defect of following type:

1. Property has change

2. declare onChange activity worked correctly

3. we didn`t save instance of Company-Data-MainProduct (and hence we didn`t save changes on 1st step)

4. but activity on step 2 worked properly, so it update some another important data

Is there a way to solve my problem? (again, my problem: I want to call specific activity when some property inside MainData changed AND MainData saved)

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