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Deep linking of Pega app in Salesforce

I have a requirement to integrate Salesforce lightning to pega application without pega Salesforce extender.

Requirement is to have a hyper-link, of a case id\account number displayed at sales force, to open a Pega application in a new window, with some case search results pre populated based on the parameters like case id or account number sent from Salesforce.
Using deep linking, that is preparing an URL to achieve the same like below
https:/… path>.ShowDeepLinkDetails%26AccountNumber%3D11111111%26portal%3D<PORTAL_NAME>%26pzSkinName%3D%26developer%3Dfalse%26ThreadName%3DOpenPortal_<PORTAL_NAME>%26launchPortal%3Dtrue

Pega Platform Data Integration
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