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Default crypto algorithm used in PEGA

PEGA v7.3.1

There is a requirement to encrypt credentials used in the connector calls from our application as they are stored as clear text in our data tables.

We are currently looking at building our custom cipher as I came across documentation in pdn which did say the OOTB encryption algorithm is not production quality in terms of security. For e.g. if I use encrypt(String) function, what is the default algorithm that would be applied as we don't have a custom cipher and is it correct in us assuming we shouldn't recommend this for production use?

The platform cipher option as I understand can only work with AWS KMS and that in tern can only be used for cloud solutions? Is that correct. Again came across various posts which did mention this but just checking again if that is still true for our version.

What other options have we got in terms of encryption for this requirement? e.g.using a keystore instance to encrypt password stored in our application. Is this possible

Thanks in advance.

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