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Default Value from Decision Table


I got a large dropdown list so i got a requirement to set a default value in a dropdown based on the current Workgroup. 

I decided to use a Decision table to get any workgroup its needed to have a default value:

Workgroup -> .DefaultValue (From the dropdown list)

So im looking for a function to get the value of the Decision Table in the Default Value field:



The functions i was looking for:

@Utilities.pxEvaluateDecisionTable -> I don't know how to implement it and there is no documentation about it.

@(Pega-RULES:DecisionTable).ObtainValue -> This is the function i saw the most in another Questions but it doesnt work in Pega version 8.4.


So my question is, how can i use pxEvaluateDecisionTable function?

I'd appreciate another ideas aswell.


Thank you,





Pega Platform 8.3.2 Case Management Decision Management System Architect
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