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"Defer Load" not deferring

We are experiencing a long load-time for an application, and upon examining the logs we can see that certain report definitions are running. These report definitions are used to populate repeat grids, contained in default layouts. These layouts are saved as sections that are in turn embedded within collapsed default (stacked) layouts, embedded in a tabbed section, i.e. none are visible upon application start.

The default layouts containing the repeat grids all follow the same format and have "Defer Load" ticked. But the contents are not deferring and the reports are running at start. Given the number of the reports, we are seeing a 20-second delay before the application becomes responsive.

Does anyone know why the "Defer Load" is not working? I have seen some comments on here about browsers and versions. We are using IE11 and in the applicable harness we have defined the IE document mode as "Other" with a value of IE=EDGE as some of the users have IE8 (they have to have Compatibility mode switched on due to other applications they are using).

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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