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Madhurya Nangia (Madhurya.Nangia)

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Posted: January 8, 2018
Last activity: January 10, 2018

Delegate data tables as read only for users to reference


I would like to delegate a few data tables to two access groups with the condition that any user from access group A can only view these tables whereas any user from access group B can add, remove, or modify entries as usual. I have updated AROs for each data table's class with access group A and removed their ability to modify and delete instances such that anytime a user tries to update one of the tables, they are presented with a validation message and their changes are not saved. While this approach works, it doesn't provide an ideal user experience since the grid displayed is still editable. I would like to make this grid read only depending on whether the user has a certain privilege or not, but the section which contains this grid, pzRecordEditor, and all sections in its hierarchy are marked as Final. Is there a way to customize only the pzRecordEditor section or is there another alternative that I can use to achieve the same result without having to duplicate all these Final rules?

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