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Posted: November 21, 2019
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Posted: 21 Nov 2019 10:25 EST
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deleting rows in decision table add empty rows at the bottom

We are using Pega 7.3.

We have a very simple decision table with one input column and one output column.

We noticed that we have values that were repeated in the input column and we wanted to have each value of the input column only once. So, we exported the table, removed the rows in Excel, saved the file and imported the table back in Pega.

The result is a table with a series of empty lines at the bottom of the table before the last "otherwise" line.

How can we clean up this table without having all those empty lines at the bottom ?

Using the Pega UI will take us hours since we can remove only one line at a time and we have about 100 of them to remove.

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