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Deploying Pega to K8s with Postgres Database

Hi, we are installing Pega 8.3 on kubernetes platform with a Postgres backend database. We have a few questions that we would like to be answered.

1. For Postgres installaion, it requires PL/Java module installed on the database server. Our company guidance does not allow us to have jvm on database side. So we have the following questions brought up by our architecture team:

  • Why do we need JVM on database side
  • Does Pega have any future roadmap to remove it?
  • Are there any other alternatives to having to install JVM on DB side?
  • What's the footprint of the JVM, memory usage, etc?

2. To install Pega image on Kubernetes, it needs certain permissions. We had permission denied issue (when the deployment is trying to chmod on a folder). We would like to know what kind of user permission the deployment needs to have so our k8s team to configure it.

Errors we got:

  • If we don't specify runAs, it will give us "Error: container has runAsNonRoot and image will run as root";
  • If we specify runAs: 65534, it gives us "standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused "permission denied"". 


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