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Dennis Licari (sixstring95)
Director, Customer Success
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Posted: August 21, 2020
Last activity: August 25, 2020

Deploying Pega Robotics into Citrix (XenApp and XenDesktop)

To provide some context to the questions below currently we run an application (referred to as APPX within this blurb) on all desktops as a Citrix Published application because it does not run well as a local installation due to network bandwidth limitations.

Recently it was asked if we could also run the Pega Robotics (RDA solution) as a published application on our XenApp servers. We run about 30 users published application instances of APPX per server right now. After this was proposed we have some additional questions.

  1. Our best case scenario would be to continue running the APPX as a published application that each user launches from their physical desktop and then run Pega Robotics on that physical desktop. So the question would be if we tried to run in this configuration would Pega Robotics perform from the published application of APPX? Are there any concerns with running it this way?

If the above (preferred) solution cannot be made to work and it's required that Pega Robotics be ran as a published application from XenApp servers we have the additional questions below.  

  1. Is there is any documentation that covers installation and configuration of Pega Robotics on a Server 2016 / XenApp Published application server so that the application can be used as a Citrix published application?
  2. If documentation is not available, can someone explain how an instance of a Pegabot published application would interact with a instance of a published application of APPX (keep in mind there is potential these might not be running on the same servers)?
  3. Will the Pegabot client be able to run up to 30 instances of the client as a published application from a single installation?
  4. If it can run 30 instances from a single installation how does the resource utilization scale, and / or what server resources (CPU, memory, storage, etc.) would be needed to run this many instances of the client?


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