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Posted: October 27, 2017
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Designing a Data modal/type (scenario of controlling one Data type record from other data type )

Hi ,

I have a requirement to allow a user to update the Data type which I have delegated to user access group. So here is the scenario.

I have two Data Type

1> Project

2> Capacity

I want to allow a user to update the capacity for each project. Project data is coming from Project table.

Project table has 4 columns. i want Capacity data type to make use of Project Data type.

Capacity table has 14 columns( PID, jan, feb,mar,apr,jun,jul,aug,sep,oct,nov,dev,YEAR)

Capacity Table should have PID (primary key of Project table) and should update the each column represented as 12 months (Jan ,FEB etc upto december ) for current year.

For Example: Project table has below record: 4 columns

(P001, Project1, detail1,detail2)

Capacity table has below record: 14 columns


is there any way Pega can handle one data type from other data type. for Example, i have selected one record in delegated data type and on selecting a particular row (PROJECT Data type) I want to show a new view (data type ) of CAPACITY?

Also, I want to allow a user to make this more flexible. Suppose a user wants to extend a project time and want to add more capacity (for example for next year) he/she should be able to do it. how to design a data type? Whether I need to create a customized view for the CAPACITY table?

Can someone please suggest the best design?

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