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Posted: February 4, 2019
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Designing the data model: How to extend a data class to higher layers

Is there a better explanation of this topic, "How to extend a data class to higher layers", than the one found in the LSA course? Specifically, applying the template pattern to Dynamic Class Referencing. The template pattern is not explained in reference to DCR. There is an example but it does not explain clearly how the D_Vehicle data page can be configured to use polymorphism. The example also shows .pxObjClass being set in the AddToVehicleList data transform but that causes a severe best practice warning. Other sites claim that we should simply turn off this warning. Where is the DCR in this example? I thought DCR required using a class reference page at the enterprise level that can be overridden at the implementation level. This example hints that DCR can be done without the reference page by just using inheritance and perhaps manipulating .pxObjClass but I am not clear from reading what Pega's recommended approach is. Finally, can we mix vehicle types in the list? Can the list be implemented at the enterprise level so that a single instance of a list can support a mix cars, trucks and motorcycles at the same time?

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