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Detect DataPage error with pxDataPageHasErrors


I have a parameterized data page that does lookup a data instance, and it has error handling configured with response data transform.

Then I have an activity rule that in one of the step, the step page is the data page above with the parameters. The step has no method and the transition step uses pxDataPageHasErrors when rule to check if the data page has any error.

My problem is that when I trace the activity, I can see that the step page for that step is not the data page but the Primary page. Thus, the when rule fails to detect error in the data page. I have used similar mechanism to detect error on another data page and it works fine there.

Have you seen this before? Did I mis-use the pxDataPageHasErrors when rule?

Thanks in advance.


Pega Platform 7.2.1 Data Integration
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