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Posted: October 2, 2020
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Posted: 2 Oct 2020 9:30 EDT
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Determine container for inbound channel


In our current implementation for inbound channel, We receive the request with channel and page via rest service and accordingly determine the Best proposition and Treatment. Further, we have container rule(multiple rules like validity,Synergy and conflict) which determines the best container for each treatment. For this we maintained a mapping of NBA->Channel->page->container->template(each with 1:n cardinality).

We are in process of migrating in Pega 8.4. Now when I see the OOTB inbound process, I see we need to define the Realtime container and in our rest service(request service to initiate decisioning) we receive the container id. So as a result it will only check the relevant treatment corresponding to that container.

Now question is

  • Instead of fixing container id and then determine treatment Can I do the other way around? like first select the qualified treatment and then determine Container for each of the treatment in strategy based on rules like (validity,synergy conflict etc.)?
  • Where is the mapping of Channel-Page-container? Like I want Top and buttom for Web but Top and Middle for Mobile?


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