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Determine if a property is on the clipboard

I need to evaluate a property called "Content" in my activity. It exists in the following structure: Obj.PageProp.PageList().Content. The following use cases are being evaluated:

1) Content is on the clipboard and has data
2) Content is on the clipboard but doesn't have data
3) Content is not on the clipboard

If I use the following When conditions, cases 1 and 2 pass but case 3 fails:
Obj.PageProp.PageList(Local.Count).Content != ""
@Utilities.PropertyHasValue(tools, Obj.PageName.PageList(Local.Count).Content)
If I add a 3rd When condition so the entire list looks like this:
Obj.PageProp.PageList(Local.Count).Content != ""
@Utilities.PropertyHasValue(tools, Obj.PageProp.PageList(Local.Count).Content)
then cases 1 and 3 pass but case 2 fails.
When I say that the case fails, I don't mean a FAIL status in tracer, I mean that QA fails in that I was expecting the proper action to be taken in my activity based on the use case but that didn't happen.
What option do I have left? Do I create a custom function?
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