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Developer Conference

Dear Community,

last week I attended a developer session at Pega World. Although the presentation was good, I left this session very disappointed. In short my session AI & CRM tried to provide a comprehend overview of . Within 4 hours the (mostly unexperienced) audience should be able to build a little application.

What I expected was to attend to a real hands-on workshop, where a pre-build draft application that will be further developed within the course. I also expect to learn hints about best practices, solution decision, digging-deep on how the functionalities really work, known issues and constraints and the possibility to discuss with other participants,

I heard that Pega has an internal conference for LSA. I would highly recommend to open this panel for all interested and experienced developers who would love to exchange and learn on real tasks. I would also recommend to split such workshops from PegaWorld and offer them regionally and for special topics.

What do you think? I'm curious to hear your opinions!

Best regards


PS: Please move my discussion to a different thread if this is not suitable here.

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