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DevOps : Deployment Manager - Repository creation


We are trying to understand what is the best approach to create repository to enable CICD.

We have the following environments on premise:

  • Dev ( 1 server)
  • QA (1server)
  • Staging (2 servers)
  • Prod (2 servers)
  • AES Not prod ( used for DEV/QA/Staging)
  • AES Prod ( Prod)

We were thinking to deploy the Orchestrator to the AES Non Prod server.

Is it a good choice or dev server is better?

We are also wondering how and where to create the pega repository to hold Dev Repo and Production Repo.

For us, DEV repo could be on DEV server and production repo on Production servers. Are we right?

Is it possible to point a pega repository to a system that is load balanced? If not, should we put DEV repo on Orchestrator ( AES Non Prod) and Prod Repo on AES Prod ?

Last point, what's happen if the SOR/Pega repository is down?

Thank you,

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