DevOps Pipeline - Branch & Merge (Using Jenkins & Artifactory)

My Team and I are looking to automatically trigger a build when we publish a branch to the repository(Artifactory). Due to program requirements, we will not be using the DevOps Foundation platform, instead we plan to invoke Jenkins remotely.

The Goal:

1.When publish a branch to the repository from development app, we would like to trigger our Jenkins jobs. (Conflicts/ UnitTests/ Merge)


The Problem:

1.Followed the steps in the below article, and appears there are some details missing:

The Questions:

1. Does anyone have experience with the approach in the link provided?

2. The Activity pyPostPutArtifactSuccess is not called when we 'publish to repository', it is called from the 'Artifacts' service which is marked as Legacy. Should this be called from another location?

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