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Todd Duncan (ToddD620)
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Excellus Health Plan Inc
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Posted: August 1, 2020
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Diagnosing conflicting robotic automations

What's the best way to diagnose the cause of a "Conflicting robotic assignments" status after running a Robotic Automation for a case in the Pega platform? In my example, I have as part of a workflow a utility activity, and within the workflow the output parameter of that activity sets the property value of an integer on my case.  It is followed by a robotic automation activity that sets the case status, automation message, and a few string values for the case.

  • When I run the robotic automation activity after the utility activity, I get the "conflicting robotic assignments" message.
  • When I run the robotic automation activity before the utility activity, everything work as expected and the case continues in the workflow (unfortunately, this is not a valid business case, as the activity needs to run before the robotic automation activity).
  • When I run the robotic automation activity without the utility activity, everything works as expected.

I suspect that there's an issue with the utility activity or my case, but I've tried persisting the case after the integer property is set, as well as tracing the utility activity itself, with no errors or hint of the root cause.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Screenshot of case workflow

Screenshot of conflicting robotic automations message.

Pega Platform 8.3.1 Pega Robotic Process Automation 19.1 Enterprise Application Development Dev/Designer Studio