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Posted: December 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Dec 2020 23:19 EST
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Did anyone successfully run React-Based UI on Pega 8.5.1?

I was trying the beta version of React-based UI feature on Pega 8.5.1 but did not succeed. 

Instructions I followed are:


High level steps I performed:

1. Get image access key from Pega

2. Pull required images

3. Deploy pega, pega search, constellation to my locally running docker + kubernetes

4. Create a demo application

6. Enable React-Based UI in application rule and set appropriate costmos DSS

7. Create a Portal

8. Launch the poral -  a blank page is displayed and  and in browser tracer I see 400 error when pega is retrieving portal:


Any suggestions will be appriciated.



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